Nicholson and Cates – Industrial Grade Hardwood carries a variety of sizes and grades of hardwoods.  Our typical customer base for industrial grade hardwoods is: pallet, skid, crate and industrial manufacturers of steel, concrete and heavy equipment.  Geographically, the most predominant species grown in the Great Lakes Region of US and Canada are:

  • Dense Green Hardwood – Hard and Soft maple, Red and White Oak, Birch, Hickory, Ash, Cherry, and similar
  • Light-Density Hardwood – Aspen, Poplar, Cottonwood, and similar

Much our our hardwood is sourced from southern areas around the Great Lakes, this produces a product with less rot and decay as the climate is warmer and the trees grow more quickly which does not allow as much center rot. Hardwood cants are available in standard sizes of: 3×4, 4×4, 4×6, 3-1/2” x R/W and 5-1/2” x R/W Standard lengths are 8’, 10’, and 12’ with some availability up to 16’/20’ by special order. Hardwood Cants can be re-manufactured into smaller sizes to produce 2×3 and 3×3 or virtually any size you require for various industrial applications.

Nicholson and Cates is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Potter Lumber Company, Allegany, NY.  Potter Lumber produces some of the finest quality hardwood pre-cut pallet stock within the industry.  We assure you the Potter Lumber stock will be perfectly sized for your specific needs, yield no waste, and deliver in a timely fashion at competitive market prices.

Nicholson and Cates Main Distribution located in Caledonia, ON carries Heat Treated Dense Green hardwood in regularly inventory.  This facility also offers a full grading chain and slatting line, this this equipment we are able to Kiln Dry and Heat Treat virtually all hardwood species and sizes (volume restrictions apply).